Artist and Performer; Masters of Visual Arts from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES); FAPES Scholarship of the Program of Scientific Initiation - UFES. Line of research: Social Body. Areas of Interest and Performance: Contemporary Art and Performance (2016-2017). Member of the research group CNPq / UFES: Dialogues between Sociology and Art / DISSOA. Research Line: Body as Policy Interface. Social Educator of the Centro de Referência da Juventude  de Vitória (acting in performance practices for the strengthening of bonds). Regarding production in visual poetics, he presented performance works, video-performances and poetic disassemblies in exhibitions, seminars and festivals in Rio Grande (RS); Florianópolis, Joinville (SC); Uberlândia (MG) and the metropolitan region of Vitória (ES). He is one of the proponents of the project PERFORME-SE - Performance Festival, together with Carla Borba and Natalie Mirêdia.



The proposal of my research project is based on the need for investigation / discussion about the body, the relations between corporality and the pattern of the subject and society. The works come mainly from my experiences in the individual and social spheres. I try to think of the body as the result of a social context, to discuss the patterns and functions attributed to it. The performance emerges as a hybrid device that enables these experiences engendered in my daily life to foster and generate varied discussions.