Epiderme Social (Social Epidermis), 2015


Participatory face-to-face performance, developed in urban public space.

Descriptive Memorial: The performer stands in the middle of the street, in a location with relevant passing flow, wearing everyday clothes. Silently, he undresses himself until he's only left his underwear, then sell his eyes. With help, he places a stamp on one hand and on the other six (six) stamps with the following adjectives: fat, black, fagot, shoe, feminist and effeminate [words that in the run of his life played the role of proper noun , Identifying him], and 01 (a) stamp with his name. The performer waits for the audience to begin marking his body, using or not the stamps.

The performance was performed in the Center of Vitória - ES during the Cultural Viradão of 2015 [independently] and had its records presented at the exhibition CORPOFORMER, during the I Performe-se Festival de Performance, 2015.

Creation / Design: Geovanni Lima
Images: Tom Fonseca
Editing Images: Álvaro Leite and Paula Barbosa
Costume Designer: Geovanni Lima