Exercício para Gira (Exercise to Gira), 2016


Series composed by 02 (two) photo-performances. The "Gira", as it is known in the African origin religions, performance ritual, moves from the "Terreiro" (place where the religion is praticed)
to front of a formal and religious space of Vitória-ES, the São Francisco Convent, located in the Upper City. Parallel to this, the performer visits an old space, also located in the Center of the same city, where supposedly existed a Terreiro de Candomblé, closed by order of the Catholic Church. The black body of the performer becomes sturdy and lives spinning in both spaces.


Printing 1.0m x 1.50m Fine art with ink based on mineral pigmentation on paper Hahnemühle
Creation / Design: Geovanni Lima
Pictures / Editing: Álvaro Leite and Paula Barbosa

Costume Designer: Vitor Vasaleg