Gorda (Fat Woman), 2016

20 '

Face-to-face performance / video-performance.

Descriptive Memorial: The naked performer, positioned inside a bathtub, tells the story of an obese young woman who plunges into everyday events in search of self-knowledge. The whole scene is constructed through the feminine discourse and visually contrasts with the completely vulnerable male body that is presented, generating a dichotomous relation of distance / approximation with the woman's experiences. The text used in the scene is fruit of the corporal relations lived by the artist in scene as well as by close friends, all obese.

The face-to-face action resulted in the construction of a video-performance with the same title.

Recently, the performance was presented during the 4th Mostra de Sexualidades e Afetos of Vitória, 2017, Vitória-ES; TPM Festival, 2017, Centro de Referência da Juventude of Vitória, Vitória-ES.

Creation / Design: Geovanni Lima
Pictures / Video / Editing: Fred Farias