Involucrum, 2015

Presential performance consisting of the creation of an epidermis (skin-wrapping), of paint and glue, produced by means of numerous layers that surround the body of the performer. After drying the skin-wrap is withdrawn as in a voluntary skinning process. The action is long lasting and features a stretcher, chair, brush, white glue based paint, spatula, ink container and two performers.

Descriptive Memorial: In the space destined for the performance, the stretcher and the chair are placed, in parallel. The performers position themselves face to face and one of them lies on the stretcher. Using the paint and the brush, one of the performers completely covers the body of the other, repeatedly. During periods of drying the layers of paint one of the performer sits silently, watching the body of the performer lying while it physically reacts to the cold of the glue on the skin. With the drying of the epidermis it is withdrawn. This process is done with a spatula and suggests the body skinning action. After all the skin-wrap is detached from the body, it is laid out on the stretcher.

The performance was realized in the collective exhibition OCUPA 2015, of the Gallery of Art and Researcher Federal University of Espirito Santo; Casa de Cultura Stael, Vitória - ES during the Casa Aberta - Viradão Cultural 2015 event; Group Theater Off Show, 2015, Má Compania Theater Company.

Creation / Design: Geovanni Lima
Costume Designer: Geovanni Lima
Images: Tom Fonseca
Editing Images: Álvaro Leite and Paula Barbosa
Performers: Geovanni Lima, Marthins Machado