Performances Series

Starting from the idea that the body records everything that is submitted in the course of life, and that this process generates marks that compose it, this study of performance arises. The starting point is the audio rescue of memories, recent or not, that reveal how the performer's identity was built. The Audio recorded on MP3 files is directly related to the body part activated by the work.

Memories I: Feet

55 '

Descriptive Memorial: The action takes place in the street, where a chair is arranged in public space next to a sign written: "Sit down, let's talk?". The performer, dressed in white, stands all the time at the side of the chair until some passer-by sits down. In front of the chair are placed a jug with water, liquid soap, towel and cream for hydration. As the passers-by sit down individually, the performer introduces himself, knows them and offers them an MP3-type audio device containing a memory report that makes it up to be listened to. During the listening period, the performer stands in front of the participant and washes their feet. The process lasts exactly the listening period. The memory is directly linked to the act of washing the feet performed by the artist. At the end of the process, if the passerby feels necessary, some kind of dialogue can be established.

Creation / Design: Geovanni Lima
Pictures / Editing: Álvaro Leite and Paula Barbosa

Memórias (Memoirs), 2016-