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Participatory face-to-face performance

Based on the environmental crime blamed by the company Samarco, whose dam was broken, affecting the city and the rivers near the company sites and others, occurred in Bento Rodrigues, municipality of Mariana, MG, on November 5, 2015, this Performance that proposes the preparation of a moqueca fish with contaminated fish, brought from the region affected by the incident.

Descriptive Memorial: 1 A wooden table (demolition type) will be set up in the space destined for the action; On the table there will be a 110V electric portable stove; 01 clay pot (traditional from ES, large); 01 basket with seasonings (tomatoes, onions, vegetables, garlic and etc.), 01 salt shaker; 01 fishmonger knife (which can be brought to the table by the performer when starting the action); 60 styrofoam containers; 01 wooden board to handle food; 01 container with soybean oil. Under the table there will be a Styrofoam box containing 03 fish of the species Peroa and two dumps (common and biological garbage); 2 Performer Costume: Jeans; Plastic boots; White shirt; Hair caps and surgical gloves; 3 At the beginning of the performance the artist will approach the table, put on the gloves and begin to cut the seasonings (the food must be sliced ​​according to the specificity of the dish to be prepared, in this case, moqueca) and reserved; 4 Before the fish is handled, it will be necessary for the performer to place the individual protection equipment described in Regulatory Norm 6 of the Ministry of Labor, since the fish to be handled has high rates of heavy metal contamination. 5 After the performer has worn all the safety equipment, the fish should be removed from the styrofoam box, cleaned and cut into cubes, and the leftovers discarded in a specific bin, lined with a milky-arm garbage bag; Cleaning and cutting of fish type Peroá 6 Preparation of Moqueca (during the cooking period the slices of the vegetables must be made to finish the dish); 7 After finishing the plate, the performer will serve the gifts with the moqueca. To serve the food will be used Styrofoam trays that are already on the table. Each tray will be pre-prepared and will receive a food composition label. The label will follow the standard required by current legislation plus information on the contaminants present in the fish.

Creation / Design: Geovanni Lima
Pictures / Video / Editing: Fred Farias

Production: Paula Barbosa

μg/Kg, 2017