O que te diz meu corpo?

(What does my body tell you?), 2016


Face-to-face participatory performance. The performer wears a fur-overalls and walks through the public space in silence. By means of headphones arranged underneath the skin-overalls connected to MP3-type audio reproducing devices attached to the body, the passerby can hear random memories, recorded informally by the performer and connecting the parts where the devices are attached.

Descriptive Memorial: The performer attaches 06 (six) audio reproducing devices (MP3 type) to his body (hands [2], feet [2], genital organ [1] and mouth [1]) with duct tape. From these devices come out headsets. Arranged files in the  devices tell the performer's memories. Once dressed in the skin-coveralls, the artist walks in silence through the public space.

The performance was performed at the Festival SESC Aldeia Ilha do Mel, 2017, Vitória-ES; Coletiva Frágil - Pele Fina da Civilização, 2017, Federal University of Espírito Santo, Vitória, ES; I Semana Municipal de Arte Moderna da Juventude Afro-Ameríndia of Vitória, Museu Capixaba do Negro - MUCANE, 2017, Vitória-ES; Mostra Xoque de Arte da Guerra, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, 2016.

Creation / Design: Geovanni Lima
Costume Designer: Geovanni Lima
Images: Álvaro Leite and Paula Barbosa
Video / Edition: Fred Farias