T.e.p.o.r.i.z.a.d.o.r  (t.i.m.e.r), 2015

30 '

Collaborative performance. The action was developed by a group of participants of the Urban Intervention Workshop offered by SESC.

The proposition aims to discuss the relationship of individual time in a collective context of the city. From a research of observation of the habits and uses of the historical center of Vitoria, categories of individuals that occupy the center of the city were identified: executives, street artists, prostitutes and passerby citizens. From the field analysis, the different relationships of time, permanence and use of the individuals with the center were noted. The body symbologies, of dresses, of behaviors researched by the group, are assumed by the performers as devices of encounter between the different agents of the center of Vitoria, because each artist creates its persona for action. The short time set by the traffic light corresponds to the duration of the performances. The waiting period during the red signal generates a moment of suspension of the time, a imposition of rhythm for those that coexist in the city. Thus, t.e.m.p.o.r.i.z.a.d.o.r infiltrates in this suspended and individual time and proposes the encounter with the distinct narratives of urban life, aiming to introduce, intentionally, a time interval of contact with the other. The time of the spectator is part of the work, since, for his journey, he must travel the streets of the city. The band of pedestrians, with a signalman, makes it stop and visualize the action, living a specific time collectively with the artists. This time is characterized by the movement repeated simultaneously by all the occupants of the track and by the look thrown to the viewer. This movement is repeated at each closed sign for vehicles, enabling contact with different people at each action during their 30 minutes of execution, and there is, in a secondary way, the contact with the pedestrian that uses the track, a Instead, through it, it shapes its path through the atypical situation that it lives.

Creation / Design: Geovanni Lima, Christie Torres, Tom Fonseca and Rovena Daher
Directed by: Deia Carpanedo
Images: SESC Glória
Costume Designer: Geovanni Lima
Performers: Geovanni Lima, Christie Torres, Tom Fonseca, Rovena Daher and Renata Piona